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  • How do I inquire about a custom order?
    Send me a message through Facebook Messager. My Facebook Group MagicallyyMe is the best way to reach me to discuss custom orders. There you will find the full selection of all vinyl and fabric prints to make your selectins. We can discuss further details regarding your vision there.
  • I would like to Cancel, add to, or substitute an Order, what do I do?
    Unfortunately, all sales are final. I do not offer any refunds or exchanges unless there is a serious issue with your order such as a defect in an item. Please reach out to me within 48 hours of receiving an order in order to discuss options. Once this period has passed, no recommendations will be given. If you would like to add to an order or combine orders, please reach out to me and I will do my best to combine orders, however if a shipping label has already been created, no combining will be feasible. Please contact me as well if you would like to substitute any items as well.
  • How should I contact you?
    Joining my Facebook Group MagicallyyMe and messaging me on Facebook Messager is the best point of contact for me. Otherwise, the orange chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen here on the website is another way to get in touch. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response and responses will only be received during business hours.
  • What happens if my order gets lost or stolen in the mail?
    Unfortunately, once an item leaves my shop it is in the hands of the carrier and I no longer have possession or responsibility over any items. A claim must be handled with the carrier.
  • How long from when I order should I expect my item?
    Unless you place a custom order, all items on the site are ready to ship in 3-5 business day. Shipping normally takes 3-5 business day depending on carrier used. If you need an item sooner than that, please reach out to me and we can discuss expedited shipping options.
  • What does vinyl and specialty vs regular zipper pulls mean?
    Vinyl is a also known as faux leather. It is easy clean and water resistant. I also offer clear vinyl that is perfect for aquatic adventures. Regular zipper pulls are a cheaper hardware option. They are a generic zipper pull that does not coincide with any character or theme. Specialty zipper pulls on the other hands are a deluxe hardware option. They are an upgraded hardware option that feature custom designs that align with the theme of a bag. For example, a Wizarding World bag may feature wands as the zipper pulls or a lightning bolt, or a Princess bag may feature a dinglehopper or glass zipper as the pulls.
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